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Fiesta Bath Ensemble January 15, 2008
Pattern - A- Day Calendar
Uses Peaches & Cream™ Fiesta, Orange and Apple Yarn
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Free Pattern site has a new home:

K1,P1,Keeping You In Stitches Studio™
Also has a Yahoo Group
Featuring a knitted cloth & tutorial each week
Check out:

ClothsLineEZine™ A monthly E-zine for those that knit
cloths and home accessories. To see what is happening on the ezine check out:


An ALL Knitting Group has formed. By request of those that have knitted patterns from ClothsLineEZine and K1P1KeepingYouInStitchesStudio Free Pattern Site.

July 1, 2007 we will start with our Cloth Of The Week: Knit-A-Long's and "Knit with Designer Forum" to answer your questions and problems with knitting the current patterns.The forum is going to be a great way to meet and greet fellow knitters.

The July & August Pattern Calendar is set with Supply Lists and types of patterns featured each week. "Knit with Designer Forum" is being set up. Details on how to access the room will be sent out closer to the date.

We are going to explore laces, intarsia, cables, knitting in the round, shaped cloths dish or wash cloths,big cloths, little cloths, baby cloths, anything that can be knitted and more! Tutorials and Knit- A-Long's on Knitting from charts for lace, texture, cable and intarsia. How to create charts
from basic pen and paper to various programs.

Cloth of the Week will be your favorite group!

We plan to run a WEEKLY knit-along Patterns will be given in it's entireity- not in daily postings. Once a week a new pattern is posted to the members and put on file. Files for pics of the cloths will be separate to insure those that enjoy knitting mystery cloths can continue and those who work with a picture can download the pic file.

Along with some of the cloths will be tutorials to help those new to the technique achieve professional results.

Owners of this list are: Maggie Pringlemeir- DRMAGGIE@aol.com and Maile Mauch- KeepnUinStitchS@aol.com

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Valentine's Day Bath Ensemble

Load a basket with hand knitted washcloths, back scrubber, soaps, candles, nail brush, heart shaped pumice stone and include a letter... for a "pamper me" treat for someone you care for.

Every February, across the country, candy, flowers, and gifts are exchanged between loved ones, all in the name of St. Valentine. But who is this mysterious saint and why do we celebrate this holiday? We do know that February has long been a month of romance.

Check out our free patterns and put together a basket in time for Valentine's Day.

A Fresh Approach to the Information you Need !

We are excited to introduce to you our newest project, ClothsLineEZine™ . A monthly email magazine full of all the information you want and need for only $2.00 an issue!

Each issue has new cloth and accessory patterns, designed exclusively for our readers.

  • K1,Purl Fun™ Patterns using two stitches Knit and Purl to create allover textures, spot designs and more! 2 monthly patterns
  • Stitch Craft- Learn new stitches and techniques. Take the mystery out of what cast on to use, what an I-cord is and how to create lace, cables, slip stitches and more!
  • Not Just Skrap Kloths ! Learn how to use the scrap yarns to create "two-color" designs and textures. Create cloths, scrubbers, pillows and other home items using these techniques. 2 monthly patterns
  • In Season- More monthly patterns for items in the season. Knit a Father's day bath ensemble, Mother's Day Floral Fantasy or a Patriotic Tablescape. Each month will feature these patterns designed exclusively for this magazine. You will not find these patterns anywhere.

Other Features include:

  • Have a Ball! Yarn reviews and comparisons. Find out what is out in the market to use. Explore different fibers,types of yarn and where to purchase these yarns from your computer.
  • Got ? We got Answers! Readers get their answers to questions that they cannot find answers for. No question is too silly, others need to know!
  • To DYE for! Bought yarn on sale that isn't the color you want? Too much white in your stash? We will show you how to over-dye natural fibers, ikat , space and variegated looks, tie dye and hand paint your yarns. We will give supply lists and where to find them online or at your local grocery or craft store.
  • Stash! Tips on storing, yarns, needles, accessories and stuff us knitters have!
  • Much Much More in each issue.

To subscribe: Email us at: ClothsLineEzine@aol.com tell us what type of subscription you would like and we will send you a bill via pay pal®

Subscription Rates:

  • 1 Year ( 12 issues ): $24.00 Starting from the month you sign up with us. That's only $2.00 an issue
  • 6 Months ( 6 issues ): $15.00 starting the month you signed up with us consecutively
  • 1 Month ( 1 issue ): $4.00
  • Back Issues: $5.00 each
Email us for more details at ClothsLineEzine@aol.com

Why knit Cloths?? Great to learn new stitches, try out new patterns and why not have something beautiful to use?

..a knitted cozy on the teapot, the cotton dishrags that Gran had stitched together and actually used. ( A good texture pattern gives better scrubbing action, she told Dakota conspiratiorially. A pattern should be, at its core, a practical plan for achieving a goal.)

- The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs

Memories in the Needles, Yarns and knitting tools

You may look and say whoah she has needles!! They are memories to me, some I will not part with for they were given to me from friends now in heaven knitting, some from my tutu, grandmother, friends who became family- my ohana. Each curve of the needle, every worn spot has a memory. If they could only tell the story.

Some do tell the story.

My grandmother got these needles to knit socks for soldiers in WW2, they are marked with bands representing inches...they are worn, missing needles...they still talk..

Caps to the Capital- Warm Up America

Caps to the Capital
2 million babies die within the first 24 hours in developing countries.
Please go to the link and see what you can do to help.

Visit :
savethechidren.org or warmupamerica.org
or call 1-800-728-3843

Make a cap or two or dozen...Write the President...

My students will be making caps to send. Last year we made 50+ blankets of cotton and quilts for Ushinda Orphanage in Kakamega Kenya Africa, 100 kites painted and 25 afghans in cotton for an Orphanage in Mexico. Our goal is the same.